Mrs. United States

Mrs. United States 2016 Ashley Stremme

Ashley Stremme resides in Mooresville, North Carolina, with her husband, David – a professional racecar driver. She earned a B.A. In information technology leadership from Washington & Jefferson college, and works as a television and radio show host. Additionally, she and David are the owners of a nationally ranked racecar chassis manufacturing company called lethal chassis.

Advocating for the rights of disabled children has been a life-long passion for Ashley after her sister was born with severe medical complications. Subsequently she became wheelchair bound and required hospital care. Upon her sister’s passing, Ashley became passionate about helping children to live without limitations.

Coupled with her family’s passion for racing, she was introduced to Victory Junction, a racing themed camp for children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Her volunteer work has helped children just like her sister learn more about what they are capable of achieving, even with their illness. She is your Mrs. United States 2016 Ashley Stremme.


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